Top 10 Temperature Probes of 2017

If you are not already checking the temperature of your cooked meats before consuming, or serving to your family and friends, it’s time to begin doing so. You want to check the temperature to make sure that your food is safe-to-serve so that no one gets sick. There are many temperature devices to choose from, […]

The 3 Most Widely Used Grill Types

The home grill and barbecue market is one of the hottest in the world, with total sales raking in 1.47 billion dollars in 2016 alone. Outdoor grilling has been a favorite American pastime since the early 1950s, but of course grilling as a way of cooking food goes way back. Today the three most widely […]

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Another whirlwind May for Matrix and Wyze Temp In May we exhibited at two back-to-back shows. First, the Food Safety Summit in Rosemont, Illinois where we gathered with top leaders in food safety. For us this was a new and fantastic show. The main topic on everyone’s mind was meeting the new FSMA (Food Safety […]

Ensure a Food Safe Summer

Or, How to NOT Invite Foodborne Illness to The Party The outdoor food season is here; the weather is beautiful, trees and flowers are in bloom, and everyone is outside doing summer activities. We’re attending and hosting all manner of picnics, reunions, and backyard barbecues while we soak up the sunshine. Great food and great […]

Matrix Celebrates with Tailgate Party

Do you know how a local company is making a difference in the beer and barbecue industries? Matrix Product Development showcased its recently developed products at a tailgate party held on August 10. The event was hosted by Matrix at the company office located at 11 North Bird Street in Sun Prairie. The company’s newest […]

To Sous Vide or Not To Sous Vide? (and what is Sous Vide?)

How Matrix Makes Sous Vide Safer What is sous vide? Formally, sous vide is French for “under vacuum” and is defined by Merriam-Webster as, “a method of cooking food slowly in a vacuum-sealed pouch at a low temperature so as to retain most of the juice and aroma.” Essentially, it is placing sealed food in […]

Brewmaster’s Delight

Many breweries, both small and large, use a three kettle system to brew beer as opposed to a more traditional four kettle system. One of the kettles pulls double duty and serves as both a mash and a lauter tun. The vessel needs to heat and maintain mash to a specific temperature. One degree can […]

5 Reasons Your Grocery Store Needs Wireless Technology

Due to recent scares in the food industry, everyone is concerned with food safety. To prevent similar problems in their facilities, many restaurants and factories use wireless products. What you may not realize is that grocery stores can also benefit from this wireless technology. This is especially true for grocery stores offering prepared meals. Research […]

A Busy May

May was a busy month for Matrix Product Development, Inc with the launch of our Wyze Temp® FIRE wireless probe. Matrix exhibited both the new FIRE probe and our more industrial, lower temp, wireless temperature sensors designed specifically for the food industry at the IFFA Show in Frankfurt, Germany in early May and, then, just a few weeks later, […]

Introducing Wyze Temp FIRE!

What is Wyze Temp FIRE? It’s a new way to grill.  A new way to cook.  A new way to control and monitor your culinary process with ease. Why Wyze Temp FIRE?  Some backstory: Matrix Product Development has been designing and manufacturing wireless sensors for the food industry for almost a decade.  Over the years Matrix has produced […]