12 Quirky Things to Know About RFID

  1. RFID does not work in a forest.  Water blocks the signal, and leaves are full of water.
  2. It is a complementary technology to whatever you are doing that will save you time.
  3. You can print your own labels, and the price is going down all of the time.
  4. Versatility.  It can be applied to almost anything.
  5. It has limitations, such as the initial cost to implement.
  6. You need an expert to help you pick the right technology
  7. It can make our lives simpler.
  8. Different tags are required to adhere to metallics, non-metallics and liquids.
  9. Proper frequency must be used to transmit through liquids.
  10. The range (length) is frequency dependent.
  11. Lower frequencies use magnetic fields with very defined read ranges.  High frequencies use electric fields and can transmit further but the range is not well defined.
  12. Can you track a person from a space satellite with an RFID implant?  Not with current technology.

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