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Innovation and Stability

Matrix Product Development started out as product development engineers in the dairy and agricultural industry. We worked with RFID 25 years ago creating small, waterproof wireless devices, where we learned about plastics and small electronic packaging enclosures.  25 years ago, no one knew about RFID and high tech electronics, but Matrix did.  Now we are experts.  Our passion lies in product development and high tech innovation.  We created a state-of-the art real time wireless temperature monitor for the food processing industry.  Matrix offers contract innovation services with high-tech electronic, mechanical and software engineering consulting to a variety of industries and companies, both large and small.

Matrix has been in business for 19 years as of 2017.  Because Matrix works with a variety of clients in different industries, we provide solutions and innovation not thought of by in-house engineers or other consulting firms. Always on the cutting edge of technology, Matrix thrives on solving challenging technological problems and providing excellent customer satisfaction.

Food Processing Industry Solutions

Matrix designs, manufactures and supplies wireless sensors to food processing companies who want wireless real-time monitoring of temperature, weight, and airflow for ovens, steamers, and chillers.  Unlike products that simply measure temperature, our process control integration allows for faster cooking, moisture retention, safety compliance, improved yield and profitability.

Engineering Hardware, Software and Wireless Product Development All Under One Roof

A unique feature of Matrix is that we can do every facet of development from ideation though production, including: software, wireless, hardware design, electronic packaging, prototyping and even production. This allows us to be responsive and flexible in the way in which we work with people, providing either a partial or complete solution.  Because we do it all under one roof, progress is quicker, communication is better and the end product for our clients is more successful.

Agile, Flexible, Fast-Moving, Responsive and Ultra High-Tech Innovators

What sets Matrix Product Development apart from the rest is that we are more flexible, agile, responsive and higher-tech than our competitors in the United States and the world.  We are an innovative company to the core and we deliver on our commitments.

When our customers succeed, Matrix succeeds with them.

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Technology Partners

  • Texas Instruments
  • Atmel
  • Renesas
  • Freescale

  • Dash7 Alliance (cutting edge wireless technology) – Board Member and Treasurer

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