Benefits of Using Wyze Temp®

Wireless Flexibility

In food processing, areas that most need temperature recording are often the most difficult for you to reach. Wyze Temp® wireless temperature sensors can go almost anywhere. Areas previously inaccessible to wired temperature sensors can now be monitored with our Wyze Temp® wireless temperature system. Wyze Temp® eliminates the need for bothersome cables and wires to provide your wireless temperature solution.

Engineered for Food Processing

Wyze Temp® probes are engineered for steam, food safety, vibration, high pressures, caustic chemicals or extreme temperatures. Our wireless temperature sensors are placed inside food products to give you temperature readings as the process is taking place. Wyze Temp® provides real-time cooking data.  Start cooking by temperature, not by time.

Real-Time Temperature Trending (Not Just a Data Logger) in Moving Products

Managers often want up to the minute reports, especially when there have recently been errors in production. Matrix wireless temperature sensors provide real-time trending. If a problem occurs along the production line, one can be instantly notified and correct the problem immediately. Know if your oven is not working immediately, rather than later, when it could be too late for the batch.

Mobility: Temperature Probes Move With the Product

Read temperature in batch ovens, conveyors and enclosed ovens. The Wyze Temp® wireless temperature sensor provides optimal versatility in steam, wash down, meat applications.

Process Control Integration and OEM Supplier Flexibility

Wyze Temp® software integrates into process control systems to allow seamless operation and user-friendly operation. Wyze Temp® probes have the smarts integrated into the electronics, allowing plant-level employees to operate the wireless temperature sensors with ease and simplicity, even in high-heat environments.


Weighing only 75g, Wyze Temp® is the lightest industrial strength wireless probe on the market, making it ideal for both large and small food products.  Our closest competitor’s product weighs almost twice as much.

Wireless Weight and Air Flow Sensors

Sensors have the capability to monitor many things beyond just temperature.  Call or email us to find out if we can measure your parameters.

Customizable to Your Application

Wyze Temp® engineers work with your process control team to ensure ease of operation and reliability.  OEM applications and partnerships are available.  Competitor companies want to sell you their product out of the box.  Wyze Temp® is meant to be customized for your specific application.

Are you interested in the hardware? You can find hardware information here.

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