15 Million Connected Devices by 2015

There is a great article by Electronic Design talking about the prediction that there will be 15 million connected devices by the year 2015!  That is not so long away.  Matrix Product Development has the capabilities and know-how to connect devices through technology.  Products we design going forward will have a diversity of connectivity platforms.

Matrix Sky Brightness Monitors and NASA

Matrix worked extensively on Night Sky Brightness Monitors for the International Dark Sky Association to create the international standard for the association. The sky brightness monitors are placed around the world.  This article by NASA displays the importance of monitoring sky brightness and why it matters for our planet.

LED Lightbulbs

LED lightbulbs have come a long way and are finally available for residential use.  The technology has been around for years, but commercializing them for home use has been slow.  Best Buy and Home Depot currently have a great selection, and more retailers will be jumping on board in the near future.  EDN magazine just wrote […]

The Future of Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is in the future.  Phones and cameras will be able to be set down on a table, furniture or countertops and charge without a cord.  These household surfaces will have embedded chargers in them, eliminating the need for cords.  The technology is available now, but most phones and devices do not have the technology […]

Real Time Ski Goggles

These new ski goggles that show speed and video on a real time color panel are a very cool technology.  Matrix used the same family of processor in our color touch panel.

Near Field Communications

Near Field Communications are getting more and more exciting all the time.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, we will let you read about NFC here in this geeky but good engineering article (able to be read by engineers and non-engineers alike).

Disney Saves Money with RFID

Disney is saving money with the same RFID technology for garment tracking that Matrix’s Wyze Scan uses for hospital surgical inventory.

NFC is Coming

Samsung is trying to educate the masses about the benefits of NFC (near field communications).  Their NFC device will only work in conjunction with Android phones, however many predict that Apple’s next iPhone will have NFC in it.  NFC is the future and will become more prominent in mass culture in the next several years. Stay […]

The Biggest and the Best Dark-Sky Reserve in the World

Matrix has family in New Zealand, so we think this article is pretty cool.  Why?  Many of you may not know that Matrix had a hand in creating the international dark sky standards for the International Dark Sky Association.  In fact, we house the world’s only Sky Brightness Monitor calibration station here at our office in […]

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