To Sous Vide or Not To Sous Vide? (and what is Sous Vide?)

How Matrix Makes Sous Vide Safer What is sous vide? Formally, sous vide is French for “under vacuum” and is defined by Merriam-Webster as, “a method of cooking food slowly in a vacuum-sealed pouch at a low temperature so as to retain most of the juice and aroma.” Essentially, it is placing sealed food in […]

Brewmaster’s Delight

Many breweries, both small and large, use a three kettle system to brew beer as opposed to a more traditional four kettle system. One of the kettles pulls double duty and serves as both a mash and a lauter tun. The vessel needs to heat and maintain mash to a specific temperature. One degree can […]

5 Reasons Your Grocery Store Needs Wireless Technology

Due to recent scares in the food industry, everyone is concerned with food safety. To prevent similar problems in their facilities, many restaurants and factories use wireless products. What you may not realize is that grocery stores can also benefit from this wireless technology. This is especially true for grocery stores offering prepared meals. Research […]

A Busy May

May was a busy month for Matrix Product Development, Inc with the launch of our Wyze Temp® FIRE wireless probe. Matrix exhibited both the new FIRE probe and our more industrial, lower temp, wireless temperature sensors designed specifically for the food industry at the IFFA Show in Frankfurt, Germany in early May and, then, just a few weeks later, […]

Introducing Wyze Temp FIRE!

What is Wyze Temp FIRE? It’s a new way to grill.  A new way to cook.  A new way to control and monitor your culinary process with ease. Why Wyze Temp FIRE?  Some backstory: Matrix Product Development has been designing and manufacturing wireless sensors for the food industry for almost a decade.  Over the years Matrix has produced […]

Wyze Temp How-To: A Video for YOU

Most folks think of Wyze Temp PLUS as part of an industrial control system. However, this short video explains how to quickly hook it up in your very own kitchen/restaurant/commercial space. Still have questions?  Let us know, we’re happy to help. Hit up or for more info.

Cook by Weight = Increased Yield = More $$$

When cooking sausage there is a balance to strike between humidity and temperature levels as well as the length of the cook time. Meat needs to be cooked thoroughly enough to minimize any health risks that undercooked meat presents. However overdone sausage reduces yield, wastes energy, and worst of all, changes the taste of the […]

What You Need to Know About IP69K

What You Need to Know About IP69K

3 Things You Need to Know About Wireless Sensors for the Food Industry

3 Things You Need to Know About Wireless Sensors for the Food Industry

12 Quirky Things to Know About RFID

RFID does not work in a forest.  Water blocks the signal, and leaves are full of water. It is a complementary technology to whatever you are doing that will save you time. You can print your own labels, and the price is going down all of the time. Versatility.  It can be applied to almost anything. It […]

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