Flow Meters

Benefits of Using Matrix’s Flow Meter Expertise

  1. Affordable for higher volume O.E.M. applications with compact electronics
  2. Increased accuracy
  3. Increased life-cycle through superior design and materials
  4. Adaptability to your specific needs

Matrix Product Development’s Flow Meter Overview

We have licensed magnetic flow meter technology for a specific market, and continue to look for other volume O.E.M. applications to either license the technology or to manufacture and supply magnetic flow meters to your exact specifications. These flow meters have compact electronics, making them affordable for higher volume O.E.M. applications.

Flow Meter Specs

Our chemical/water flow meters achieve 0.5-1.0% accuracy. Stable calibration over long periods of time means a reduction in calibration fees.

The design allows for particles and slurries to flow through the tubes since there are no moving parts that can cause obstructions.

Our flow meters have titanium electrodes as standard features. Because the material is corrosion resistant, the meters are very low maintenance. Other electrode materials are available, such as 316 SS or Hasteloy C, when chemical compatibility is the key to longevity.

Flow Meter Safety

  • Make close-loop filling operations possible with both inputs and outputs.
  • Availability of low flow cutoff means the flow meter can be set by the user to display zero flow below a set point.
  • Matrix flow meters are equipped with empty pipe detection signals, so the system can be shut down when the pipe is empty if necessary.
  • Wet environments: The water-tight IP67 sealed construction allows the flow meters to be used in wet environments.
  • Keep moisture out and wires steady in high vibration environments with an encapsulated body.


Setup is made easy with our user-friendly optional graphic display and menu-sealed buttons.

Our flow meters allow for connection in most industrial systems due to their availability in a variety of outputs. These include RS485, Pulse, 4-20MA, optional HART, and optional Ethernet.

Our flow meters are easily adaptable to existing systems due to the wide range of power supply inputs (9-15 VDC or 20-28 VDC).

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