Allow Internet Appliances to Connect You

Benefits of Utilizing Matrix’s Internet Appliances Expertise

  1. Increased automation
  2. Increased mobility
  3. Allow for flexible solutions
  4. Increase in available information

Internet Appliance Overview

Internet appliances are devices which are connected to the Internet to send or receive information using the Internet connection. Sensors can be connected to the Internet by being hard-wired or by connecting through a WiFi radio. These devices could be the solution to your trickiest engineering problems.

 Example Internet Appliance and Internet-Driven Engineering Solutions

  • Matrix Product Development designed a communication interface to fit inside tubular water sensors. In this case, the cable connected directly and used a Power-over-Ethernet isolated power supply so that no other cables needed connection to the water sensor.
  • A voice-over-IP (VoiP) appliance was developed for stairway rescue. By pressing a single button, it provided the bi-directional, hands-free communication needed to take place using “echo cancellation techniques”. This was also applicable to nurse call stations.
  • An RFID cabinet was developed for tracking assets. Inventory reports are generated when the cabinet door is opened and closed, as well as periodically throughout the day.
  • Soap dispensers were outfitted with WiFi radios that report usage and battery condition.

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