Providing Inventory Management to Reduce Costs

Benefits to Your Organization

  1. Reduce your inventory costs
  2. Greater inventory accuracy
  3. Greatly reduce manual labor for tracking inventory
  4. Greatly increase supply chain efficiency
  5. Customized software to meet facility needs and interface to existing information systems
  6. Create specialized reports and functions for your application

RFID Inventory Management Overview

RFID inventory management systems use active tags or passive (cellular) tags to track products. These Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are printed with information and can store information ranging from lot numbers to expiration dates on individual items. The tagged inventory is then placed into the system and can be found at a moment’s notice through the customized database. RFID tagged inventory is also much quicker to physically inventory than scanning individual bar codes.

How Our Inventory Management System Works

Once equipment or consumable products reach the facility, tags are read by the Matrix RFID system. If these tags are not already on the products coming in the door, they are applied during the check-in process. Item location and other identifying data can be associated with the product during this process. Our system uses the cutting-edge technology of UHF GEN2 tags, an upgrade from outdated barcode or HF RFID technology of other inventory management systems.

Following check-in, fixed readers/antennas or handheld scanners can be used to quickly take inventory of a given room or area. If you need to check out an item, a short range scanner is used to scan a single item, which immediately updates the database. This database software can be provided in a variety of formats to fit the customer’s needs. This software can reside on a local PC, be hosted on a local server, or be hosted on a remote server known as the “cloud”.

Matrix Product Development and You

Matrix Product Development is a forward-thinking company at the forefront of up-and-coming RFID technology. We are equipped and ready to assist you with your inventory management, which will significantly reduce your costs and labor. Our experience and expertise are at the customer’s disposal as we work together to save you time and money through more effective inventory management.

Hospital Inventory Management

We have a state-of-the-art hospital and surgical inventory management system already in place and ready for installation called Wyze-Scan.

General Inventory Management

We also work on other applications for our inventory management technology. We can apply this RFID inventory system to a multitude of other industries. The value is contained in our customized software, through which we can create specialized reports and other functions just for you. If you believe RFID inventory technology would be more efficient than your current system, contact us for a consultation.

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