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Tailgate Party (1)

Do you know how a local company is making a difference in the beer and barbecue industries?

Matrix Product Development showcased its recently developed products at a tailgate party held on August 10. The event was hosted by Matrix at the company office located at 11 North Bird Street in Sun Prairie.

The company’s newest product, Wyze Temp® FIRE, helped the Matrix team prepare the main dishes of beef brisket and pork shoulder. Wyze Temp® FIRE is a wireless, real-time temperature sensor that can be used in ovens, grills, smokers, and rotisseries.

Grocery store chains that need to comply with food safety regulations use FIRE’s clip-on-the-door model in their rotisseries and professional ovens. The clip-on-the-door model allows stores to retrofit their equipment with minimal upfront costs.  Furthermore, each store can keep their own permanent cook record on a remote cloud server.

While guests enjoyed the beer served at the party, they learned about the Wyze Temp® Brewer’s Kit. This kit is made up of multiple sensors that measure the temperature inside the mash tun, one of the kettles used to brew beer in a microbrewery.

The products on display also included a miniature electromagnetic flowmeter designed for the agricultural industry and a cellular sensor that monitors the temperature of perishable products transported in semi-trucks.

Miniature electronics packaged in super sealed enclosures and exposed to extremes of heat and cold are commonly designed by Matrix now. The company’s new norm is making information available on any mobile device and providing electronic records on a cloud server backed up in a secure, off-site location.

As CEO Ron Pulvermacher says, “Matrix is proud to be providing solutions to the food processing industry. Our ability to integrate accurate, remote sensor technology with devices that can withstand extreme temperatures is a perfect match for our clients whose top priorities are food safety and food quality. Now, they can accurately monitor temperatures in real time, as well as maintain a detailed log of actual process temperatures over time.”

Matrix Product Development has offered high-tech electronic, mechanical and software engineering consulting since 1998. The company also designs, supplies, and manufactures the Wyze Temp® line of wireless sensors for the food and beverage industry.

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