The chickens on the spit go ‘round and ‘round…

The word revolution can be traced to the Latin word, revolutio, “a turn around”. As we know there are multiple meanings that can be inferred from this word, depending on context. Among them, “motion of any figure about a center or axis”. This is one of the definitions that inspired the creation of our new temperature probe. Yet, there is more to this story.

Years ago, engineer and president of Matrix Product Development, Ron Pulvermacher observed the need for a better solution to the dangerously undercooked rotisserie chicken problem. One national store chain, alone, sells over 80,000,000 (yes, that’s eighty million) rotisserie chickens yearly. These delicious high protein birds are obviously a giant hit with consumers despite the dangers of not being cooked to the safe temperature of 165° F.

As consumers we are trusting our grocery stores and restaurants to provide safe-to-consume food. Even though that is their intention, unfortunately, that is not always the case. A little YouTube search about undercooked rotisserie chicken yields a public display of the improperly cooked poultry. This has sent many a business into a swift downward spiral as their reputation and the health of their customers is on the line. What this tells us is that the current ‘system’ being used in this process is not thorough and efficient enough to uniformly cook all the birds. This is what led Ron and his team to more in-depth field investigation that resulted in some illuminating findings:

  • Ovens are opened periodically throughout the cook process to manually check the temperature of a random selection of rotisserie chickens.
  • The minute the ovens are opened the internal temperature fluctuates by allowing heat to escape.
  • The manual process of probing chickens and manually recording the results is subject to human error, thus leaving the business extremely vulnerable when asked to produce verifiable cook records.

Once the research was completed, the team set to creating a wireless temperature probe that can withstand 550° Fahrenheit, can be monitored without opening the oven, and is paired with Wyze Cloud for proper modern documentation procedures and requirements.

This newest probe, in the Wyze Temp® line of solutions, will be aptly named Revolution. After all, Ron and his team have created something truly revolutionary. Stay tuned for more on Wyze Temp® Revolution as the excitement continues to unfold!

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