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Wyze Temp

Sign it, Stick it, Simple!

This is Wyze Temp® Plus. You may recall it was a hit at the recent Process Expo show that Matrix exhibited at in Chicago. Besides it being a wireless RFID technology and having no wires to get tangled, worn out, and broken the Plus is perfect for both cooking and chilling. Think large food processors with large ovens and smoker houses like; Maple Leaf®, KraftHeinz, and Belmont Sausage. They would use these temperature sensors for pork belly/bacon, cold cuts, and sausage processes. The Wyze Temp® Plus operates at temperatures -20C to +100C, satisfies HACCP and FDA safety compliance, and software and process controls can be customized to specific plant requirements.

Now add to this the ability to process QA reports in a snap, go paperless, remote viewing, and the backing of our great customer service team. This is all possible with our Wyze Cloud solutions. Process control engineers, plant and quality assurance managers can sign reports and remotely monitor the process. The cooking and chilling process reports are stored and backed up on multiple servers in a secure cloud.


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