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If you are not already checking the temperature of your cooked meats before consuming, or serving to your family and friends, it’s time to begin doing so. You want to check the temperature to make sure that your food is safe-to-serve so that no one gets sick. There are many temperature devices to choose from, so we decided to help you narrow it down. These are all either instant read or wired cable temperature readers. Instant-read thermometers are like the name implies – they require the opening of an oven or grill to periodically check the internal temperature of what’s being cooked. The wired cable probe devices involve a cable attached to the probe which remains inserted in the meat throughout the cook process. The wired cable is plugged into a base unit that sits outside the grill, or oven, displaying the meat’s internal temperature. Some of these cable devices now include smartphone apps that allow the user to monitor the cook process without being next to the grill or oven.

So, without further ado let’s get to it. Here is a list of the top-rated temperature probes on the market today.

  • Lavatools Javelin PRO: An instant-read thermometer that is accurate and fast at reading temps. Has a Swiss Army knife form factor sporting an ambidextrous motion-activated backlit digital display and a 4 ½ inch probe. It turns on when opened and off when closed. The PRO also has an integrated magnetic back for handy storage. It also has an intelligent stabilization alert and holds the readout.
  • ThermoWorks DOT: Accurate and fast at reading temperatures. It has a simple design, a digital display, and is very easy to use. It comes in a variety of zippy colors and has a strong magnet to attach to an oven door and a 47” wire cable connected to its’ 4 ½-inch probe. It is battery operated and can be used for grilling. DOT has a handy little integrated stand for setting next to a grill.
  • Lavatools Javelin: Another instant-read device, boasts a 4-second response time and a shorter, 2.8-inch probe, making it a more compact piece. Like the PRO it has an integrated magnetic back, a backlit digital display, and comes in a variety of colors.
  • iDevices Kitchen Thermometer: This device works via a Bluetooth app on your smartphone that includes recommended temperatures and sends notifications when the temperature reaches the minimum setting. The body of the iDevice is magnetized for attaching to an oven, but can also sit on a counter. It is battery operated and has a dual wire cable probe capacity – think full turkey or two separate pieces of meat – and an LED display.
  • ThermoWorks Thermapen MK4: Very similar form factor to the Lavatools Javelin PRO, this instant-read 3-inch probe comes in 10 fun colors and sports a 2-3 second read time. It digital and backlit plus includes a sleep mode to save on battery life.
  • Supreme Home Cook Oven & BBQ Touchscreen Thermometer: Comes with pre-set temps or self-programmable option, is battery operated, and beeps to alert when chosen temperature is reached. It is dual wire cable with two magnets on back of the unit. Worth noting is that the unit reverts to Celsius when not in use, so if Fahrenheit is desired the user needs to re-choose that setting. Also, the device is hard to read at some angles and its’ stand is a bit unstable when set on the counter.
  • Taylor Programmable Thermometer & Timer: This digital single wire cable, battery operated probe thermometer sports a stable and adjustable, easy to read, stand-up display for countertop use and a magnetic back for attaching to oven door. It also folds for compact storage. Set the desired temperature and switch on the alert. This device is not marketed for use with outdoor grills.
  • Polder Stable-Read digital Instant Read Thermometer: An instant-read battery operated thermometer able to read temps in 4 seconds. The probe part itself is 4-inches long and the design is straight forward with no bending parts. When ready to check the temperature of foods, “insert the probe, press the button, and wait for the beep.”
  • CDN Digital ProAccurate Thermometer: This instant-read; pocket-sized, 5-inch probe, thermometer gets a read in about 6 seconds. It comes with a nifty pen-like sheath holder for the probe stem. The design of the face is a bit cumbersome to hold and read at the same time, but not a deal breaker.
  • Eat Smart Precision Elite Food Thermometer: The final in the Top 10 is an instant-read, battery operated digital backlit probe thermometer. The Precision Elite reads food temperatures in 3 seconds, has a 4-inch foldable probe, and comes with an anti-microbial nylon carrying case.

So, now that you know there are lots of options to choose from, find the one that’s right for you and work it into your cooking and grilling routine. Before you go, there is one more to consider and we think it is amazing. It is Wyze Temp® FIRE; a wireless probe, that’s right no wires. You see those wire cables break and then you must replace them repeatedly, plus they get in the way. “Why not just get an instant-read probe and be done with it?”, you say. Sure, that’s fine. However, every time you open that oven or grill to check the temperature of your food, the heat escapes.

Imagine a truly wireless probe and gauge that allows you to monitor your cooking or grilling from your smartphone or tablet. This is Wyze Temp® FIRE.

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