IoT, Cloud, and Design






Matrix Product Development, Inc., in our 21st year, is an all-inclusive engineering company implementing the latest technology through innovative design for clients both big and small. Matrix is a research and design firm with focused experience involving IoT, LoT (Indoor Location), Electronics, Software, Sensors, and Cloud Services.

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Matrix Design
Matrix Design

Internet of things


Iot: it’s not just a buzzword

The Internet of Things, as you may have guessed, connects ‘things’ to the ‘internet’. While we think it’s silly to have your toaster texting you, Matrix believes there is value in having your industrial machine alerting you to a maintenance issue in real-time.

location of things


lot: Location of things

Think of the “Location of Things” as Indoor GPS. Ultra-Wideband (UWB) promises up to +/- 6 inches of accuracy. Find your people and things and stuff real-time, all the time.

  1. Manufacturing 4.0

  2. Senior Living

  3. Petcare

  4. Healthcare






electrical design

Matrix has designed everything from an agricultural RFiD tag to a laser tag gun to an advanced medical wearable. Matrix continuously integrates the very latest in electrical and mechanical innovation, keeping the products we create on the forefront of technology.

Sensors with nano-volt resolution and wearables running off nano-amps are both part of our core expertise.


SolidWorks is our go to CAD software allowing Matrix to keep all aspects of your design in-house. Plastic and metal enclosures can be designed in parallel with your electrical design, reducing the design cycle time. Matrix has relationships with both onshore and offshore resources for material handling.

Mechanical Design

Embedded Software

software and firmware

Whether your project needs embedded firmware, a Windows application, or a cloud site, Matrix has all of these capabilities under one roof.

design and supply


design and supply

If you need of a company to provide manufacturing as well as design, Matrix can offer that as a service as well.  Pictured below is an example of a custom 802.15.4 radio designed to transform basic Bosch torque wrenches into Manufacturing 4.0 powerhouses.

Custom Electronics
Custom Industrial Electronics


Wyze temp revolution

Wyze Temp Revolution is the world’s first battery-free, high-temperature wireless probe. Our probe is dishwasher safe and can operate in environments up to 550F. The Revolution probe is perfect for rotisseries, cook-n-holds, combi ovens, and grills!

Notable Features:

  1. Max Temp: 550F

  2. Safe for Indoor Use

  3. Dishwasher Safe

  4. Battery-Free

  5. Charges in 2 Minutes

Check out the entire Wyze Temp line of wireless temperatures at

Example of a Wyze Temp Revolution being used in a chicken rotisserie.